Episode 52

Captain’s Log: This strip will be taking an extended hiatus following Episode 52.

Partially because I’ve got other projects and family health issues that require my attention, but mainly because I’m starting to run out of jokes (You’ll notice that the “physics” gags have been a little sparse lately). I’ll still post occasionally as I think of new scenarios (I’ve got a few that I’m holding in reserve until I can get screencaps of the elderly crew from Picard) but it may be several weeks or months between strips moving forward.

In the meantime, feel free to suggest any technological or scientific macguffins in Star Trek that I haven’t made fun of yet* that either break or have an extremely shaky footing in real practical science.

* These at least have to be things that I can reference visually given existing TNG screencaps. For example… There are a lot of jokes I could make about microgravity, but I can’t actually show any of the crew floating around in space or looking like bloated red-faced cabbage patch kids. (well… not without using that horrible CGI version of Data from Picard.)

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